Phonedekho is a responsive webite made by a group of 4 people including me and my project partners which has a purpose to recommend smartphones to a person who just knows his budget and purpose to buy the smarrtphone . This website is mainy foccused to recommend smartphones in two clicks and one can directly buy the smartphone as our website provides buying links to that smartphone.

This is actually the website you are looking at . It is included in the projectx list because this is a pure front end project made with pure html,css and javascript which the addition of some plugins also coded in the mentioned languages.This is a responsive wwebite and all the templates are made by me with only some commands taken from the bootstrap documentation.

GroupUp is a Basic Social Media Website made with django . It is a responsive webite where useres have the facility to make and join groups in which one can post his/her views . The key features of the project are making groups , posting in the groups , deleting the posts , viewing the post history of a group and also a single user etc.There is also a secure login and logout system for each user .

ZAYKEDAAR is a food delivery website built in django , sqlite and the basic frontend tools. In this website one can select any food he/she wants to buy and there is also a demo payments option. There is also a complete seprate section for the staff members where no one can login without the admin's consent and the staff members can access the restaurant's dashboard where they can see the total orders and revenue generated today.

This is a project made using 2 python libraries, one being and the other being pandas data framework. This is an interactable bot with which can be talked to using commands in discord. I consists of basic games like rock paper scissor,roll the dice and also normal interaction commands to checks the status and other info of the bot.It also holds the score of the person playing the 2 games and can be checked later.

Dead Horizon is a game made out of unity engine and programmed in C# . It is a low poly fps shooter made by Me and a friend for both android and windows . I is the first commercial level game made by buy us under the brand name of 2Dev studios which is founded by us. The 80% part of the game was made by us and only some assets were imported which includes some basic models and movement systems stc.