Brief About My Carrer

Hi, I am ARYAN a student at MIT ADT University, Pune, pursuing Btech in Computer Science . My primary skills are Full Stack Web development , Game Development , Graphic designing and Programming . My primary programming language is Python I have freelanced and gained experience of over an year in Graphic Design and am also into Web Development.


Game Developer
I had started game development in 2019 in unity game engine . I and a classmate founded a game devevelopment startup named 2DEV STUDIOS to develop games commercially.
Web Developer
I was intially a backend developer using django and sqlite but later became a full stack developer capable of building industry level responsive webpages using the conventional front end tools .
Grapic Designer
I had started practising gfx from 2018 as a beginner and have made many projects as an freelancer like samll gfx and vfx works for individuals for about an year.
I have started Programming competitively from 2020 and learned and did many projects using various python libraries like pandas, matplotlib, etc. I am also a Machine Learing enthusiast and am familiar with basic regression techniques.

These are my socail media handles and my email adress